BadAss Skyline BNR32 GTR

Original model: Shift 2 Unleashed
With textures and parts from: DiRT 2, Forza Motorsports 3, J2HIN
Converted & edited to GTASA: DeadDRFTR

Rotating steering wheel by Izerli (http://izerlifile.my1.ru)
Breakpads mod by DK22Pac (http://vol-gta.com/forum/46-1719-193133-16-1338032763)

Need to install CLEO 4 and HQLM v2.0 (Copy the file "vehicle.txd" Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\models\generic\...)

- newOpcodes.cleo - in folder Cleo;
- breakpads.cs - in folder Cleo;
- steering.cs - in folder Cleo;
- msvcr100d.dll - in folder with gta_sa.exe


Nissan Silvia S14A

Небольшое обновление внешнего вида.