Subaru Impreza Rally Pack

Rally (Snow, Gravel)


Original model: DiRT 3
With textures and parts from: DiRT 2, Forza Motorsports 3
Converted & edited to GTASA: DeadDRFTR
+ 12 Paint jobs
+HQ interior
+ realistic taillights
+ realistic damage
+ realistic handling
+ rotating steering wheel
+ Windscreen wiper (Press "K")
+ working speedometer and tachometer
+ breakpads
+ working ADV_HYDRALICs 
(suspension as the cars Bandito, HotKnife, BFinjecton) need to install "GTA SA Vehicle Special Abilities Editor" Using this tool you can use models with special abilities (like ZR350 - lights , Dozer - bucket etc) at any ID

Rally (Tarmac)

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